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Weed Rack Fabrication

How Kingcombe Aquacare Ltd fabricated and installed a weed rack as part of the Environment Agency’s Water Level Management Plan at Bodenham, near Salisbury. 

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Below are a selection of images from previous projects.  Please click on a specific topic to view the photographs.

Aerators, Flowmakers & Fountains

Bentonite Trenching and Injection

Biological Weed Control


Boat Ramps

Borehole Headworks

Chemical Weed Control

Construction Design Drawings

Control Panels

Dam Repairs

Decks, Jetties and Bridges


Electrofishing and Seine Netting

Electrical Safety Testing

Environmental Monitoring

Facilities Management

Fish Stocking & Fish Rescues

Fishery Surveys

Flexible membranes

Floating Islands

Flood Alleviation Schemes

Gravel Riffles

Gravel Washing and Spawning Redds



Hard Revetment

Invasive Plant Surveys

Invasive Weed Identification

Lake Construction

Leaks Through Embankments

Liner Installation and Repairs

Manual Weed Control

Monitoring Stations

Natural Swimming Ponds

Natural Swimming Pools

Pond Cleaning and Routine Maintenance

Pond Construction

Pump Maintenance, Repairs & Sales

Raingauge Compound Installations

Recirculation and Filtration

Recycled Plastic

Reflecting Pools

River Habitat Surveys

Soft Revetment

Stainless and Mild Steel Fabrication

Stilling Tubes/Wells

The Chelsea Experience 2005

Timber Fabrication

Two Stage Channels

Underwater & Landscape Lighting

Vole, Newt and Crayfish Surveys

Waterfalls, Cascades and Streams

Water Features

Waterproofing with Clay


Weed Control

Weed Screens

Weirs, Sluices and Penstocks

Aquatic Plant Suppliers

Work and Fishing Punts

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